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Feel confident, accomplished and free. Free from the mundane, free from the frustration of not hearing back from recruiters, free from the daily boredom in your current role. Land an ideal job with a team that appreciates you and helps you grow.

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Get ready to

Enjoy going to work and make a difference with your career.

Clarity in which next steps to take.
Tell your career story with confidence.

Get noticed by recruiters and invited to interviews.

Connect with hiring managers and interview panels. Positive new challenge: moving to the negotiation stage!






All of this is waiting for you!

Dreading Monday on Friday night.
Weekends spent venting about work.

Feeling stuck.
Overwhelmed with how to begin.

Being ghosted by recruiters.
Not getting invited to interviews.

Making it to the final interview round, yet not getting a job offer. Sometimes not even hearing back at the end!






At a pivotal point in my professional life, Lisa was my tour guide. She helped me deal with my nerves going into the interview process for my dream job. I absolutely credit Lisa with taking me from petrified to completely Zen. I nailed it and got the offer. Then, she successfully guided me through salary negotiations and even got me a sign-on bonus! She's helped me address my imposter syndrome as well -- not with clichés or platitudes, but in a way that really hit home.

I don't cut my own hair, fix my own car, or fly my own plane. So why did I go so long being complacent on my career path instead of just asking for help? I'll never know. Ever. Worth every penny.

"worth every penny"



Personally, I went from sending out job application after job application (with zero responses) to a job offer from a fantastic organization that I am so excited to learn and grow with. Lisa might say that I shouldn't down-play my own accomplishments, but I can say for certain that I would not have this opportunity if it weren't for her. The confidence I feel in my ability to make use of my skills and stand out moving forward is invaluable. 

"Plain and simple, I would recommend Lisa to anybody who asks."

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I am grateful to have met Lisa and would personally recommend her to anyone feeling stuck and not knowing where to start. I’ve learned a great deal throughout this process. 

"I can proudly say I have landed a job at my dream company with Lisa’s help!"



What I thought would be resume polishing and career coaching turned into a wonderful journey of in-depth discovery both personally and professionally. I gained more clarity on career path and learned how to better showcase my many talents. I highly recommend working with Lisa if you’re looking to get your mind organized and level up professionally. ✨

"I discovered Lisa Virtue through a friend and I am so glad that I did!"



Lisa has an awesome program...Having someone to lean on through the wild world of job hunting definitely gives you a leg up and the confidence you need to find a job that's right for you.

"I cannot express how helpful Lisa was in my career journey"

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Lisa was essential for my career progression. Lisa’s career coaching course provided me with in depth knowledge on both my professional and personal development. The course allowed me to develop my work materials to a more professional standard. My CV has never looked better! And that is why I have landed more interviews in an eight week span than I ever did before. I would recommend working with Lisa wholeheartedly.

"My CV has never looked better!"

GRAPHIC DESIGNER | grad student


Working with Lisa has helped me immensely to prepare for the working world while I'm in college and to make the most out of my time as a student. She not only helps you with your job search and everything around that (resume, networking, interview preparation, etc.), but she also motivates you to follow your passion and take that extra step. 

"Lisa provides an inspiring & welcoming environment for her clients and I can truly recommend her program to everyone!"



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