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Negotiation 101

Learn how to negotiate like a pro!

In a conversation with Kristy McHugh from shift.org, a company which helps current and former US military personnel further their career, Lisa explores the basics of salary negotiation: why you should do it, when to and how to do it successfully. 

Negotiating is particularly important for women who statistically still suffer a gender pay gap. In addition, it was revealed that women pay a social cost when negotiating. This unconscious bias often deters them from negotiating at all… which, in return, prevents them from getting fair compensation in the workplace, thus worsening gender inequality…!

Feeling uneasy with negotiating? The good news is that you can practice it. Rehearsing will shed light on what blocks you (is it a confidence problem? shyness? the fear of being perceived as ‘demanding’?) and help you feel comfortable asserting who you are, what you want and what you deserve!  

Lisa’s 3 take-aways when negotiating:

  1. Know your minimum salary
  2. Know your role i.e. the job you’re going to get the offer for
  3. Know the competitors i.e. what is offered elsewhere for a similar position

Throughout the webinar, Lisa and Kristy discuss the appropriate moment to bring up salary expectations, how to know your worth, and effectively communicate this to the recruiter. In addition, Lisa shares her best tips about negotiating when navigating a career transition, a situation many veterans face after being discharged from the army as well as people whose job trajectories have been subject to changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insights from the interview

“When negotiating, make sure you get a comprehensive overview of the offer”, Lisa says. Indeed, compensation is more than just a salary! You don’t want to forget to bring up other benefits that the organization may offer such as paid time-off, stock options, medical insurance, travel allowance, etc.

Also, did you know that, in the United States, most states have passed laws that forbid prospective employers from asking applicants to give their salary history? So, when they ask you what your salary expectations are, what should you say?

Click here to get the answer to this question and more!

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October 28, 2021

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