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Career Mama Stories – Intro

Author Lisa Virtue of the Career Mama - COVID edition book

Young millennial women are finding it harder and harder to decide if they want to have children. Watching the way the pandemic played out for the past year and a half has made this subject even more complicated. It is such a deep, personal decision that I myself struggled with as an ambitious professional who loved her career, loved her husband, loved her freedom, AND dreamed of having a home and a family. The trouble was I didn’t know how that family would look. Would I adopt or have my own biological children? Who would care for our children during work hours? My husband and I even went through intense foster-to-adopt training before deciding to try for our own child. 

We chose to try and were blessed with our daughter, Adalyn, and then had to quickly decide if we were going to try for any more. Because – biology! Time is ticking when it comes to those ovaries. We ultimately decided that our one and only was the perfect amount of biological children for us. That is our very personal story, with no judgment towards anyone else and their choices. Each person’s choice and situation is theirs and theirs alone when it comes to having a child. I got so sick of having fellow working women come up to me and ask when I was going to give my daughter a sibling. As if it was any of their business! They would try to push their personal choices upon me. Women empowering women and women supporting women does not mean telling a fellow woman what to do with her body and her life. It is about accepting women for their uniqueness and strength and allowing them to thrive in a world of less judgment and more autonomy. 

So, in the spirit of women supporting women, and to honor the release of my first children’s book “Career Mama – COVID edition”, I sat down with moms from around the US and discussed their pandemic and lockdown experiences from 2020 and how they have been coping in 2021. 

working moms all over the country

The data has been telling us for a while now – working moms have been affected the most during COVID pandemic and took the brunt of the stress of lockdown. So, what do they have to say about it? And what do they think we need to do to improve as a society? Did they find any silver linings for their families during lockdown? 

Please join me as we take a glimpse into the lives and homes of these incredible women who are working hard to make the world a better place through both of their careers: raising their children and their paid work. Enjoy!

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August 14, 2021

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